Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What was once lost is now found!

I questioned whether to make a blog post out of this, but it is such a great story. Jeff, my husband and occasional co-wof junkie collected about five of the old souvenir photo books from the 1970's and 1980's when he was a kid. Of course when I discovered theses little beauties I wanted to borrow them... Well I borrowed them and they remained "borrowed" for many years, and we finally came to the realization that they weren't really borrowed anymore they were plan and simple, lost. After years of occasional searching, we finally gave up and considered them lost to time. It was a very sad moment for a WOF history fan.

(Brandon don't worry I don't think I can lose a large business size box of photos)

Well after cleaning up our basement a few weeks ago.... I discovered a lost treasure. The souvenir books! I was very excited, not to mention greatly relieved that they didn't fall prey to my intrinsic ability to lose things forever. :)

What do you think I did once I found them? I started scanning them of course!

No I didn't scan them all at one time, for one reason I just don't have that much free time! However I did scan completely the one I consider one of the most unique, the 1973 version. I now have it published online for your viewing pleasure here: http://www.worldsoffun.org/history/1973sb.html

Also if you should have even more free time, (can I borrow some?) be sure to check out the publications page if you haven't already. Over the past 13 years (yikes!!) I have scanned several of the old park maps, brochures, and the 1978 version of the photo book, you can find that nifty page right here: http://www.worldsoffun.org/history/publications.asp

What? You have to go to another page to view pretty photos? No I would never do that to you all. So to wet your appetite here is one of my favorite pages for the previously mentioned 1973 souvenir map. If you want more, well just click on that little link above. Be sure to click on each page for a larger version!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights!

Tonight, we had the chance to visit the park and be one of the first to experience Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights, the new attraction at Worlds of Fun for 2010. As today approached I was surprised at how many wrote off the new attraction, as "just lights" (exact quote from a guest), From my personal experience as well as seeing the numerous expressions of guests faces I am guessing that many opinions were changed for the better, and as will become obvious with the photos in the next few sentences, Worlds of Fun's new attraction is more then "just lights". It really is an overall sensory experience.

From the time of the announcement both Jeff and I thought the coming attraction would benefit the park as a whole. It not only catered to families, but we also felt it would have a very significant positive impact on the atmosphere at the park as a whole. Overall, I would have to say that both of us really enjoyed the new attraction, and I would recommend everyone who will be visiting the park this summer make sure to make time in your visit to experience these beautiful lights.

Before we get started with the pictures, a few stats might be fun to play around with. The Hot Summer Lights attraction combines over 2 Million LED lights into an enjoyable interactive experience. The lights are choreographed with lighthearted music, and even provide multiple opportunities for guest interaction. In Europa there are several "push me" buttons, that allow guests of all ages to light up the trees with leaves, butterflies and my personal favorite... lady bugs :)

In Africa light bugs dance along the pavement as glow creatures (a worm, light bug and fish) roam through the crowds and provide great photo opportunities. Actually taken as a whole even though Hot Summer Lights is themed to the Peanuts characters it also conveys an almost Alice in Wonderland atmosphere. This is definitly not an attraction you want to miss, especially since there is no long line to wait in!

So on with the show...

In this case a photo doesn't really do justice. At the entrance to Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights, in the old Grand Prix Raceway area sits Lucy, with a picnic basket over all large checkboard lighted area. Also out of the picture are two large interactive "venus flytrap" plant creatures.

The children especially seem enamored with the lights, and also one of the attractions roaming characters. In this photo not only is the peanuts character, Lucy but also one of the lighted characters which could best be described as a flower princess. All the little girls seemed to love her!

Moving through Europa. though the lights in the photo appear static they do fade in and out with the music playing in the background.

The baseball themed section of Hot Summer Lights. You can see the woodstocks in the background playing catch, but instead of a real ball, its a lighted archway that moves to mimic a baseball.

One of my favorite parts, is the Europa hill, that has its trees cascaded not only in blue lights but also twinkling strobe lights.

Overall best part of the attraction, the Congo Clearing/Africa bridge. You can also see the glow worm here.

The fireflies dance on the wall of the Moroccan Merchant. Its a nice effect that really can only be appreciated fully in person though.

The Under the Sea section of Hot Summer Lights features real bubbles produced by bubble machines, a glow fish and an interactive oyster that pops open every once in awhile to reveal Woodstock guarding the oyster's pearl inside.

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