Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prowler Construction 10/26/2008

Welcome back folks to blog post numero dos. Jeff and I were out again today to the Prowler construction site for more photos. Even with the rain there has been some significant progress with the structure, footers and even the beginning of the track itself.

So without further ado lets see the photos.

Bents waiting for construction in K lot.

The first look at the new work, the entrance to the helix is on the right, the return run on the left.

If you remember from last post the structure was just being built. This go around you can see the track bed starting to take shape. The track of a wooden coaster is made up of multiple layers of wood laminated on top of each other. Only the first layer has been laid in this photo.

The entire helix, showing work starting on the track crossover. It is at this juncture that the inbound and outbound run will cross each other.

A closer look at the outbound section, you can see the nice track banking that's being set up here.

The beginning of the return run is taking shape here.

A close up showing the banking the track will have as it exits the helix.

An alternate view of the same thing.

The footers leading away from the track, when Prowler is complete the train would be headed towards us. The black material surrounding the footers is set down by landscaping for weed control.

The return run will be heading back to the station here. The footers on the far right are for the outbound run.

The reverse view showing return run on the right and outbound on the left.

Last week this was just a bunch of big holes!

More excavation continues for the retaining wall! The grey gravel pathway will be the edging for the retaining wall itself. The creek is to the left, and the station itself would be out of the photo to the left.

Here is the retaining wall! Or what will be the retaining wall I should say.

Support trenches are being dug for the lift and first drop. This overall photo shows how close this area is to the train tracks themselves.

There's the train! Everybody remember to wave to the engineer now.

Trench footers are being prepped for the main drop. You can see Boomerang in the background. Mamba is also visible from the vantage but its directly to the left out of the photo.

Off to the side sits rebar for the footers themselves.

You know I usually don't like photos of me, and this is truly the first time (I think) that I have ever published any photo of myself except on my personal website. (with the also notable exception of me showing up as a red dot in one of our issues of Theme Parks Magazine). But this one isn't too bad, plus it gives a good sense of scale. Plus, you get to see once and only once the lunatic (oh did I say that?) who gets the chance to be behind this keyboard. Now be honest... does this photo make me look fat? :)

I haven't had a lot of time to post comments over the last few months due to my ambassadorship at Worlds of Fun but I am pretty excited about next year. Only problem is it seems we will be waiting a little longer then usual, it looks like that rumored April 25th opening day is pretty darn correct.

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Anonymous said...

They got the Crossover done and and started on the retaining wall today! YAY! I am super excited! Are you going to switch from Patriot to Prowler next year?