Friday, March 5, 2010

March comes in like a Lamb and goes out like a ... Prowler?

There is an old saying you can never wait to long for a good thing. Plus what better time to look at photos of a coaster when we are edging closer and closer to the day when we can ride said coaster once again. 42 Days, but who's counting?

Its safe to say that the 2009 season, if not the entire first decade of the new Millennium could be highlighted by Prowler's introduction. It was the first coaster in a LONG time to break the top ten list of coasters in the world. Cedar Fair has always played it safe with their coaster design firms, only companies that have a proven track record. B&M and GCI (Intamin of course could be questioned!) have sprung up across the country. So it was heartening when for once, in a long time, Worlds of Fun wouldn't just end up with ANOTHER of the same type of ride that was already everywhere else it seemed.

Prowler was unique, in the way that the park's greats had been in their own time. When Prowler was announced I believed that once people got past comparing it to Timber Wolf, that Prowler would instead become a steller hit, and it was, and I am beyond thrilled.

So even though its March, I figured we could atleast invite everyone on a virtual Prowler ride, and I am looking forward to when April comes and March goes out... like a Prowler.

Here comes the first drop!

Man thats some great airtime right there! 42 days, only 42 days....

A great shot from the turn around.

Anyone care to write a caption for this photo?

My take, boy the drop looks so much larger using telescopic vision!

I want to be that kid! Looks like he is having just the right amount of fun.

Who says the third car doesn't rock obviously never talked to this lady.

This photo was brought to you by NIKE and the group for those who still believe there is no such thing as an age requirement for coaster riding.

Okay here is another try without Prowler interferring in the photo. Plus, I happen to agree with this guy, its a great ride!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Jennifer! I really really enjoy reading your posts and checking out the awesome pictures you include in them :) Please keep them coming!!!