Monday, October 17, 2011

Screams of the Past

I apologize to everybody for not getting these photos up earlier but I have FINALLY starting getting over a miserable cold... that might explain why I don't recall much from last Sunday either... Combination Dayquil and Afrin I think :)

Anyway, so on with the blog. As many of you know a friend of mine Randal Strong-Wallace, built some pretty cool models and pretty realistic models of the coasters of Worlds of Fun from 1980. That is all the coasters that are now permanently removed from Worlds of Fun. (May they rest in pieces).

Last Sunday, the models opened at Union Station as part of a permanant exhibit, entitled "Screams of the Past". They were joined by a few of our own coaster artifacts and displays. Overall I was pretty impressed with the exhibit and am thrilled to see any exhibit that celebrates the park's past. I think sometimes its easy to forget this, but there are so many rides at so many parks that have just been all but completely forgotten... a true travesty if there was one. Its these types of exhibits, as well as this website, and more in the future hopefully that will keep these great rides, and more important, the memories they created, alive.

I really recommend anyone in the area to try to check out the exhibit. Right now it will definitely be onsite for the next year, possibly longer. The exhibit is FREE, and does NOT require admission to Science City. Though it will only be manned and operating during regular Science City Operating Hours. It is located near the entrance to Science City.

Here are a few photos from the opening of the exhibit.

Randal is to the right, and the guy in the suit, is Matt Christopher Asst Director of Science City. . Behind Randal you can see the Orient Express "dragon logo" projected as a go behind on the wall. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The Zinger, still without a working lift, but that should be coming soon.

The Orient Express, to the right you can also see a few of our "pieces" of Orient Express on display. As far as we are aware the track rail is one of only two pieces left of genuine Orient Express track rail.

Our little showcase, I was given this area by Randall to set up a mini-exhibit of my own. I though for awhile on what the focus should be. In the end I was inspired by the Walt Disney quote "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality" and created a display as tribute to the Worlds of Fun Ambassadors.


mortimas said...

Awesome!!!!!! I remember all of these things, havent been in a while and i only live a couple blocks away, maybe go for halloween fest or whatever its called ...

Michael said...

Why did he only do the Orient and the Zinger? Wheres screamroller and schussboomer? Plus...would there be any chance of getting that Worlds of Fun aerial uploaded on the website to look at? Particularly the portion with Aerodrome?

Jennifer said...

Michael sorry it took awhile to reply. He does have the Schussboomer, EXT/Screamroller and Silly Serpent, I just didn't post the photos of them. You should go and check it out though!

As far as the aerial I can try but its a VERY VERY large file.


Jennifer said...
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