Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 Off Season Tour

Hello everyone once again, and welcome back to our 3rd and Final Off Season Trip Report to Worlds of Fun. As I had taken a vacation day to study for my Pharmacology Test I was able to actually be present for this trip (I don't think Brandon recognized me). However, things are really moving along at Worlds of Fun Avenue, and with only two weeks to go before opening day I'm sure there are just a few fingers crossed that they can get everything cleaned up and presentable before April 14th. Some things are looking good... some things not so much. So lets see whats going on.

BTW did anyone else but me find the 87 degree weather in APRIL unusual? I was sweating like it was July!

Wow its bright! That was my first comment on seeing the building previously known as Scandi Skees (anyone remember it as Arctic Arcade?) well it is entering its third life, now known as Plaza gifts. The building actually has taken quite a dramatic change. The color isn't really horrible in real life, (except for the blue, I hope that's primer) I like how they moved the doorways from the side, and overall I think it works. The inside still looks like the arcade, but I have been told that it should make its full change over by opening day.

Is this Plaza Gifts? Well it used to be. Going forward though it will be known as Lemon Tree. Pretty significant construction happening inside, it looks pretty much the same on the exterior, minus signage.

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted a photo of a carpenter working on the queue line for Voyager? Originally we thought it was for the Fast Pass system, but later found out it to make the thirty-nine year old voyager ADA compliant. Well Voyager has just gotten one step closer. It now spots a new wooden dock, and is prepping for one of the park's new ADA elevators. For those familiar with the ride, the ADA entrance will be directly to the left of the boat lift gate/crane.

What is this restaurant called again? Nordic Nook, Chicken Patio? This year its Oslo's Chicken and Waffles. (Maybe its just me but I don't get how those two things are related... I keep thinking KFC and Waffle House?) Anyway. Oslo's is receiving some much needed exterior work on its trim.

Moving on to Africa, we have the new and improved (well atleast improved) Boomerang. Now if only they could get rid of that awful... tent station.

Worlds of Fun had some renovation surprises for us too. Mamba photo received such much needed love. Mamba Plaza also has a new PERMANENT food structure... and to think it only took 15 years.

Here is the new structure in Mamba Plaza.

Here is the almost completed new walkway from Oceans to Worlds of Fun. So to get to WOF from WOF village, guests must buy passes at the OOF gate, and actually enter OOF before going to WOF. All in the name of ADA compliance.

Its the interior of the new Caribou Coffee! It will be located right between Charlie's Caps and Front Street Emporium. I know this isn't the most exciting photo, but it proves action is happening.

In Americana we have Wacky Worm... soon to be Cosmic Coaster. Hey folks there is still an apple there. Its still Wacky Worm. From what I have been told it doesn't look likely to be open for opening day. Stay tuned for that opening day review. For now there is still two weeks, and anything could happen.

Also, the new concrete will not only be the the CC queue line, but also as the ADA entrance to Planet Snoopy. The hill up towards Planet Snoopy today is slightly too steep.

And here you thought this review would be 100% positive. While many of the old pines that were killed off last year by the virulent pine disease have been replaced, the one's in the orient weren't so lucky... They got replaced by a concrete pad. REALLY?

Ok I had to send us all off on a positive note. Let me stop for just a minute, maybe I am old fashioned but it just seems odd for me... a girl (women, whatever), commenting on a boys bathroom. Anyway, it looks really nice, like I would like those tiles for MY bathroom nice. It appears to be quality work and should last just a bit longer then the dry wall it replaced.

So that's it for now. Stay tuned everyone as its only 11 days, 12 hours until WOF opens for its 40th Season! Opening Day Review soon after!

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Graized said...

Hi Jennifer, looking forward to opening day Saturday! It'll be my first time with a platinum pass and my first time on opening day.