Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oceans of Fun 2013

Well nursing school is over once again for this semester, so finally some time to write a blog on Worlds of Fun!  Jeff got a chance to go out about two weeks ago and take a look at whats going on at Oceans of Fun, which thanks to the decision to unite the parks is now actually part of Worlds of Fun, but still known as Oceans of Fun... Confused yet?

As many know Oceans of Fun is getting a massive new slide complex for 2013.  Some may be thinking... why is Oceans getting something for Worlds of Fun's 40th Anniversary?  It does seem odd, but I have to admit planned or not its following a pattern.  Think, for Worlds of Fun's 10th anniversary? (1982) we got Oceans of Fun.  For WOF's 20th anniversary (1992) Oceans of Fun got Monsoon (we I guess WOF did too), and for WOF's 30th anniversary (2003)?  Yep, WOF got shafted once more, Oceans of Fun got Paradise Falls.  So who's going to argue with tradition?

If you haven't yet seen the New for 2013 attraction take a look at the new for 2013 attraction page here.

Here is a look at where the new slide complex is going.  The handicap parking is to the right, wave pool (out of view) is to the left. 

A little bit of a different view, here you can see the end of the green astroturf pool deck for the wave pool.

But new slides arn't the whole story... Oceans of Fun is getting a well needed facelift, and pretty much every attraction in the park is getting atleast a little love..

The adult wave pool, which has pretty much remained unchanged for 20+ years will have a new look next year.

The wave pool already does, and it looks nice, the old blue and white was getting rather old.  Though I do have to admit that I will miss this old OOF logo...

 And yes, even the locker rooms too.

Take a look at more photos and discuss on Facebook! 

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