Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Worlds of Fun Off Season Photos 11/15/2013

Two blogs in one month? With three weeks until my dreaded nursing school senior finals I thought I would take a minute and bring you all excitement from our favorite place.   Of course photos weren't the only reason we headed out to Worlds of Fun last Friday. Our secret mission was to obtain one of these beauties (which I am sure our neighbors have other names for... *cough*)

Proud owners of a giant 7 foot kangaroo...

While out there we also got some photos of what's going on at Worlds of Fun this time of year.  So moving towards the gate, the Patriot trains are resuming their normal operating procedures for off season.

Here is a look at the Scandinavian shops (Baltic Bazaar) looks like its getting an expansion.

There are just a few "things" missing from this photo.  All those ambassadors that cleaned Voyagers pump screens over the years know this was LONG overdue.

Octopus is getting its cars removed as we were there for off season maintenance.

Panda Express (old Rangoon Refresher) is receiving a much needed new roof.  To bad I couldn't make this photo scratch and sniff, these are cedar shingles.

And another look at Voyager were it appears work is beginning on its original concrete supports.

Special thanks to Worlds of Fun PR manager Rachael Murie and head of Maintenance Wayne Meadows for the tour, and "new" addition to our collection!

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