Saturday, May 17, 2014

Worlds of Fun May 17th, 2014

We headed out to the park today, May 17th, it had been awhile since we had been out, between races jobs and traveling its been tricky finding any free time sometimes.  Interestingly enough we had visisted Worlds of Fun's arch nemesis Six Flags St. Louis the weekend before, participating in the Roller Coaster Race series.  What was so interesting about it is how drastic the difference was between the two parks.  We still had a good time but I have to say Worlds of Fun definitly is about a million miles ahead of Six Flags St. Louis in regards to landscaping, overall though WOF has some serious room for improvement, our visit to WOF was honestly, more enjoyable.  That has most definitely not always been the case.

So since there have been several updates in the park. We entered the park through the Oceans of Fun gate, and found this nice new cedar trellis.

AND... for no other reason but they were just so dang cute, Mrs. (or Mr.) Groundhog, the broad was playing near by. It was adorable.  Though looking at the burrow I'm not entirely sure Landscaping feels the same way about these critters.

Next up was Europa, and the mostly finished Moulin Rouge, the sign wasn't lit so I am guessing there is still some work to be finished up.

I also like these themed windows... there are several of them all with a variety of French advertising.

 Also in Europa is some new landscaping near Deja Vu.  Also not pictured but the old evergreen shrubs in front of Pasiano's Pizza (Bonici Bros.) have been replaced by  new boxwood shrubs.

Moving on to Americana, there is the star of the show this year... Steelhawk going nowhere fast, atleast while we were there.  We found out that after we left SteelHawk ran, that's of course ALWAYS our luck.

A video we shot of SteelHawk's light show.

The new Coke Refresh station in front of SteelHawk.  We found it rather humorous that it does have a rather nautical look to it... like there should be a boat somewhere nearby... hmmm..

Another view, this small creek/water feature is unofficially referred to as as "Wilburn's Creek"

Moving on... Steelhawk would never be confused with this ride with a completely different name ... ThunderHawk (Yes, I have more then once made the error of called SteelHawk, ThunderHawk or vice versa). ThunderHawk is no longer the World's Largest Lawn Ornament.  Seen here operating.  Much sooner then last year.

 Last, we have the finished Orient Coke Freestyle station.  Looks nice, again I am glad they took the time to theme these.

We actually hung out at the park until dark, we really wanted to provide photos and video of Thun... Steelhawk (there I go again), operating.  Again my luck is the moment we leave... it runs.  Of course. We will bring updates on SteelHawk as soon as possible, and think it will be a great addition to the park.  Much better then Go-Karts, SO MUCH BETTER then Go-Karts. Have a great weekend!

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Karen Moerer said...

Just wondering if you know if the original ZZ tunnel still exists on the WOF grounds?
Love your blog!