Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prowler Construction 01/08/2009

Well we now see history has two sides, whats in the past, and what is in the future. We just looked at the past, now we look ahead at construction of Worlds of Fun's 7th Coaster, Prowler (I love to say 7th coaster!).

Steel from the bridge for the lift. Trains will cross the ravine before they approach the lift.

The Bridge for the brake run, return to the station is almost there. In the background you see the lift and drop almost completed.

The station basement, located across the ravine from the lift, has been finished.

With all footers down, its 100% vertical from here. Here are the footers for the run from the station to the lift.

Another view, the approach to the lift.

A new view, with the water tower to the left, the completed drop to the right.

A beautiful blue sky, and the first drop beckons.

Another view of the lift, 1st drop and banked turn.

A close up view of the top of the lift, you can see the track bed in this shot, and the crew hard at work.

This will be where the lift motor will be. The return run is visible in the background.

Two things are going on here, on the right is the top of the 1st drop, with just a portion of the lift beginning to take shape. On the left is the crossover which will eventually make its way through the lift structure.

Same piece of track as above, a little bit of a different view. This hill and drop will be directly after the main drop.

This is a bit backwards from what you would imagine, in this photo we are looking towards the lift and station. The left side is the return run, right side is the outbound.

I saved the best for almost last, the steel track bed is being laid.

I end this blog post on a sad note, a shot of the old west town literally falling down (it has been in the process since a strong wind storm at the end of the season).

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