Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prowler Construction Tour 01/22/2009

Jeff headed out to Worlds of Fun today again today to take a look at Prowler's status so far. It looks like Prowler structure is nearing completion. The lift is beginning to take sizable shape, as are the two major track cross overs.

Last time steel for the bridge was just being laid, now we have structure for the short run between the brakes and station.

What is it? The station? The queue-line? Neither is the concrete pad for the photo booth. You can see the African train trestle in the background.

In Kansas City bridges are a fact of life, same thing with Prowler. The second steel "bridge" in this case for the lift hill is taking shape.

This photo is a little bit tough to understand. Right past the bents is a dark black line, that will be the station. Where the photographer is standing is the run to the lift hill. Behind the trees you can see the breakrun/transfer track area.

Do the hookie pookie and turn yourself around... Yep its a 180 degree turn from the photo above. This is the run to the lift hill.

Looking at the drop, carpenters hard at work on the track!

What the heck is that?! In this photo we see the lift hill taking shape on the right, and the first cross over makes its progression towards us. Once done, the train will ascend the lift hill, navigate the 1st drop, and then cross back through the lift here on the way out.

Oh boy more tinker toys! Three things are happening in this photo. In the upper right you can see the straight lift hill going up. To the left is the first crossover that we talked about earlier. Introducing the third and final element, is the finale "s" curve (this is the final element on the inbound run right before hitting the brakes) that you can see taking shape in the lower right hand corner.

An artistic view of the two crossovers. Again lift in the upper right, first cross over after main drop is on the left, and final "s-curve" crossover is in the bottom right.

The first cross over that we talked about just a minute ago continues on its outbound run here.

Is this Atlas holding the weight of the world? No. Its a workman drilling a hole in the concrete footer. The drilled hole will be filled with a bolt holding the "batter" in place. A "batter" is the main diagonal supports for a wooden coaster. (somewhat like a buttress)

Going out aways is a look at the the turn-around area. Comments have been made about this section being devoid of trees, it is important to remember that this area never had any trees to begin with. (it was the field at the turn around). You can also see the entire structure is in its finished status with the steel rail in place.

A look at the turn around itself.

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