Saturday, May 9, 2009

Orient Express and Extremeroller Videos!

Well it's been awhile and since I have been away, Worlds of Fun has opened for the season and so has Prowler. What an amazing ride! Tune in soon for an official review with photos provided by our world-class photographer, Jeffrey Mast.

On a sad note with Prowler coming in, one attraction has come to a end, one that has been with us for many years. Yumma Yucca Mesa. As it is park policy to not allow photos from the train I don't have any photos to share with you at this moment. However, again that will be changing so check back soon.

What I do have though is something I have been waiting many years to share with you. For almost the past 7-8 years Jeff and I have had in our possession two rare videos. One featuring the EXT or Extremeroller as a stand-up coaster, and the other being the VHS from Coaster Con XVI, hosted right here at Worlds of Fun in 1993. The video features views of the two classic Worlds of Fun coasters of Zambezi Zinger and Orient Express.

Before we get to them though bringing these videos to you has not been a one man or one man and one woman show. Most important credit goes to Robert Reagan, a fellow ACE member, who back in 1984 took a brick of a video camera with him on the country's first stand up coaster. Without his foresight I believe we would not have to look back at Worlds of Fun's staring role in Amusement Park history.

Second, credit should also be give to Ben Matson who helped us tremendously by digitizing all the VHS copies so we could bring them to you.

Last, please before watching be aware that these videos are in atleast Extremeroller's case twenty five years old! The quality is not the world's greatest, but as these coaster don't exist, and certainly in the case of EXT no other video that I am aware of exists, the uniqueness should be taken into consideration.

So with all parties properly thanked please pull down on your harness, ensure that it is locked and away we go!

1984 Extremeroller

Orient Express Station and On-Ride from 1993

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