Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yumma Yucca Mesa No More

A few days ago we broke the sad news that Yumma Yucca Mesa, the old Wild West town located near Prowler was completely demolished by the park. While it is true that one of the buildings had practically self-demolished thanks to a bad wind storm the previous season, the rest of the buildings were still standing and we believe could have been restored. As Worlds of Fun is now open weekdays, Jeff had a chance to head out to Yumma Yucca Mesa on Monday to take some photos of the deserted area. For those that would like to read more about Yumma Yucca Mesa I have also wrote a tribute to it here: http://www.worldsoffun.org/community/edit.asp?ID=23

Here is the new look going into the train turn around, directly to the right would have been the water tower, and in the center are some patches of dirt where buildings once stood.

Here are the supports from the water tower.

And for a blast from the past, the water tower that once stood in the locations we just saw above. This was an actual water tower used to fill the train with water during stops in the turn around.

We all remember this view, the one building that was blown over late in the 2008 season.

Here is the spot cleared of the remains of the building. Amazingly when we took a look at the building when we were out there earlier this year shooting Prowler construction photos it was much more structurally sound then we originally assumed. It could not be pushed over by just simple human force, though Brandon tried! :)

A look at the once more structurally sound buildings.

And another look. The graveyard was added a few years back during Halloween Haunt/Halloweekends.

Here is the area now, completely devoid of any buildings.

Here is a look at where the "train platform" was located. This was seen on the way into the train turn around.

If you look closely you can still see the one remaining building from Yumma Yucca Mesa. Its the dug out and is built into the side of the hill.

No this is not a photo of Yumma Yucca Mesa, its from Bone town at Cedar Point. I am showing a few photos from Cedar Point as it makes two points. Number one, if these type of scenes arn't important when there are coasters to look at why would Cedar Point, the park with the MOST coasters in the country still keep their old west town up to date, maintained, and more important standing? Number two, its all in the simple things, I don't think any park should lose sight of that.

Here is a look at a few skeletons from the set up at Cedar Point, it doesn't cost much to do this, and it gives riders something to look at!

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Spankme247 said...

You have to remember one thing... Cedar Point is CF's Golden Child, and NO other park under their ownership can have anything within it that would give any member of the GP an INKLING of an idea that Precious CP is not "the best". Trust me, the same thing is happening at KI. I agree fully that the scenery and theming, especially on the train route, is a very nice thing.