Monday, April 12, 2010

Pre-Opening Tour 04/12/2010

With less the five days to go before opening Jeff and I ventured out to the park accompanied by Brandon to get some photos of a few of the park updates. It looked quite a bit different then a similar trip two months ago!

Front Street with its new paint job! We have seen this before, but this is its more finished stage.

And the Candy shop.

It's only Bamboozler right? Sometimes its what you DON'T notice that's the most important. During the off season we have both watched as what is one of the last original ride stations left received a mini-face lift. Much of its distinctive red, gold and black trim has been replaced.

The new fountain in the city of fountains located at the entrance to the park. Looks spiffy. :)

If you haven't read up on my previous post, Timber Wolf has also received some TLC this off season again. In this episode Timber Wolf received new lamination for its first turn (following the first drop), and the entrance to the 360 helix. It definitely helps the ride.

Extreme close up on Timber Wolf!

So its Krazy Kars the kiddie bumper cars ride. Looks like a nice improvement over the last few years. It also has a new panel, with built in timer! Okay you have to have worked the ride to understand how important it is to actually have a built in timer.

The Autobahn. They washed Autobahn in hot water several years ago, which caused it to shrink. Now that shrinking has been made permanent. If the park was going to shrink the size at least they made it look better though.

See no more looking at the guts and inards of broken Autobahn cars. Much nicer.

This is the other side of Autobahn. It's now a storage closet.

Moving along now, workers preparing for Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights.

Another close up on a tree. Also see the trees in the background already wrapped in blue lights.

Where are we? Looking up at the lights attached to the bottom of the train trestle.


TomGuy said...

I was seeing green cones making the space in the Autobahn even smaller on Opening Weekend Sunday. Didn't look too exciting but didn't ride, either.

Jennifer said...

Actually Tom we found out later those cones weren't intentionally placed by the park to make the floor smaller. So it doesn't appear that they are permanent.