Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Pre, Pre-opening Update

We will be visiting the park this coming Monday for photos right before the park opens, but hey I couldn’t wait. I love talking about the park too much, and if that makes me a geek, so be it.

Saturday was dry run day, and while I was trained on driving the train .... (watch out it’s a women driver!)

The most important aspect to you readers is the fact that we both rode Prowler and Timber Wolf. On Prowler we rode in the front, there was one other person with us on the train, and it was running fast! Like the winter had never happened, and Prowler went from October to today with no off season. I say this as usually coasters are slower at the start of the season for the fact that they haven’t run for months. It should be a good season for Prowler.

Timber Wolf also has received some work, and hopefully on Monday I can update with some photos. The main body of work included the re-track of the first turn, following the main drop and the entrance into the 360 helix. For those that do not like Timber Wolf it will probably not make much of a difference. For those that DO like Timber Wolf, it makes a pretty substantial difference. Mainly, no shuffle, bang, shuffle, bang after the first drop! I really like the fact that despite everything the park is still putting money back into the Wolf.

Last, after much consideration I have decided to probably not camp out at the park. Especially since it would just be me, myself and I. (Significant other has elected to not pitch a tent) For anyone else who is interested we are planning a pre-opening breakfast at Waffle House. For anyone interested check out the event on Facebook

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