Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot Summer Lights and more Park Updates from 05/16/2010

Okay, so its not as soon as I would like... However later is better then never right?

Jeff and I had the chance to visit Worlds of Fun as guests this past weekend and take some photos of some changes at the park. There have been several updates, especially when it comes to the new Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights attraction. The new attraction "opens" on June 4th, and it looks to be shaping up nicely!

For those that aren't familiar, Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights will be a lighted, interactive pathway following from Africa, through Europa featuring over 2 Million lights. This will be a not-to-miss attraction this year. Trust me. In comparison, Silver Dollar City covers their ENTIRE park with 4 Million lights, and at Worlds of Fun they are packing all those lights into a much smaller area. It should be spectacular.

We started our trek in Africa, by Big Game Hunt/The Shooting Gallery, so lets start there with photos.

It's Big Game Hunt... Shooting Gallery... whatever. Originally Worlds of Fun was going to go the Cedar Point route with inflatable Peanuts Characters. I am happy they went with much more permanent, and professional looking structures. Here we have Linus on top of the previously mentioned Big Game Hunt, but look at all the lights also strung across the roof lines! Many roofs in Africa have the same treatment.

From Brandon, it looks like the park is going with an under water theme in this section. The lights are all blue, and there are several seaweed lights that will be scattered around the area too.

Moving along is the African bridge. This is just the start of blue light archways, there will be several others joining these two further along down the bridge.

Across the bridge we voyage from under the sea, to camp fire nights. So we have Sally making smores. YUMMY.

What is it? More important where is it, and why is this plaster wall so important? Look closely. Those are glow in the dark fireflies painted on the walls of Moroccan Merchant. You can barely tell they are there. It is a very thoughtful, and delightful idea.

The Casbah games in the African section. I love the lights, it should look beautiful once it's all lit up.

Some interactivity in Europa. These quasi-E-STOP buttons are stationed throughout Europa, and should add a level of guest interactivity to the area. I suspect Europa will be a happening place for the first time in... thirty years? (Last new attraction was in 1978)

And now for something completely different. Autobahn has experienced a color change, and it now has a new paint job on its entrance.

More work on Autobahn has been done then meets the eye. No, this is not a comment about the roof (though I have heard it no longer leaks), but look closer.... That's a strobe/colored dance light, actually one of several scattered across the roof line. Autobahn will take its own part in Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights and become also much more interactive. It should be a good time at the old DFB.

No its not a shot out of a food magazine. This lovely food porn shot, is actually... from Worlds of Fun! Let's all be honest. Worlds of Fun has never really been known for its culinary masterpieces. These little tasty beauties raise my opinion of WOF cuisine by one, very important notch. Only $3 a piece at Cinnabon.

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