Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tivoli Music Hall: Then and Now

Though never a big shows person myself it has come to my attention that I have never done a blog post on ANY of the shows! Of course that could be attested to the fact that the first show I ever saw at the park wasn't until 1994, which was the Marionette Show that I caught on a day off after working at the park. So, I apologize to all of those park show lovers out there.

Where do I start? In the last 14-15 years that I have been digging through park history I have honestly, in most cases neglected the shows. However, its hard to miss the fact that over the past 38 years the park has been home to hundreds of different live entertainment shows. Delores Hadley Marionette's, Fins and Flippers, yes even Shirt Tales have all played at the park through the years. However, from my limited knowledge Tivoli Playhouse/Music Hall seems to have always been the primary focus.

Tivoli is currently home to the 2010 "Don't Stop Believin'" named after the famous Journey rock ballad of the same name. As the name might imply this years show certainly is a departure from previous Tivoli musical revues, as it focuses on the bands of the 1980's, including Journey, Queen, Kiss and Bon Jovi to name a few. It's definitly one of the better shows to play at the Tivoli in previous years, and I recommend those that have a free 30 minutes at the park to check it out. It runs until August 15, and always important.... Tivoli is Air Conditioned!

While the "Don't Stop Believin'" starts a bit slow it picks up as it heads into its second set, dedicated to Queen.

Some more Queen.

A tribute to the hairbands rounds everything out...

One more.

Check out all 25 or so other shots of the current Tivoli Music Hall performance on Facebook.

Of course before "Don't Stop Believin'" The Tivoli has been home to dozens of other shows, with names such as Pizzazz, Sparkle and Shine, but also the memorable Haunted Theater and the two appropriately named anniversary shows Tivoli 10 and Tivoli 20.

Now here is where I have to apologize. I have over a dozen old Tivoli photos, but excepting for a few I have no idea which shows they are from. If I know the show, or can make a somewhat interesting guess I will certainly do so. However, if you were there and can name the show let me know!

As I always appreciated the multiple choice quizzes more then the fill in the blank I thought I might also include a timeline of Tivoli shows. Please keep in my I in no way endorse the 100% accuracy of the below attested list. end disclosure. Special thanks to Dave McCall, who is MUCH more involved in live entertainment then I am for helping fill in several of the blanks.

1973 – 20th Century Sing
1974 – Be Young Again
1975 - Friends
1976 – Worlds of Follies
1977 - Come On and Sing
1978 - Razzle Dazzle
1979 – Gotta Dance
1980 - Pizzazz!
1981 – Sparkle
1982 – Tivoli 10
1983 – Let Yourself Go/Starbeam Music Machine
1984 – Break Away/Starbeam Music Machine
1985 – Haunted Theater
1986 – Haunted Theater
1987 – Breakin’ Out
1988 – Shine
1989 – Too Hot
1990 – Too Hot
1991 – Too Hot
1992 – Tivoli 20
1993 – All Aboard for Broadway
1994 - 1997 – Country Style
1998, 1999, 2000– Singin’ Swingin’ and Rockin’ the House
2001, 2002, 2003 – Rockin’ the House
2004, 2005 – Snoopy Rocks
2006 – Livin’ in America
2007 – Dance to the Music
2008 - 35 Years of Dancin' to the Music
2009 – Let the Good Times Roll

Tivoli 10 played in 1982 for the park's 10th Anniversary.

Breakin' Out from the 1987 season.

This photo was labeled from 1979 which would date this as from Gotta Dance.

Thanks to David McCall, this is from Tivoli 20, from 1992.

A few years earlier, 1989, Too Hot.

From 1987, Breakin' Out.

Also from the 80's 1988, Shine.

Thanks and hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer. For those fascinated with park history make sure you stop by and visit our Worlds of Fun History Exhibit during Coaster Mayhem, Saturday August 14th!



Rick Lester said...
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Rick Lester said...

My wife, Sandy, and I were in the original 1973 show at the Tivoli. We would love to reconnect with our "old" fiends. Anyone out there?