Sunday, August 8, 2010

New for 2011!

I want to apologize to all reading this for not getting this up on the blog until wednesday morning. I had the intention of getting the photos and info online Sunday afternoon, but on Sunday our HSI modem decided to pick the not-so-greatest time to decide that it no longer wanted to work after five years. Thanks everyone for your patience! And now onto our regularly scheduled programming.

Snoopy of course received for his birthday this delicious bone (cake)

On Sunday, in the midst of a steaming 100 degree day Worlds of Fun celebrated Snoopy's 60th birthday. For anyone counting that's 362 years old in dog years.

No birthday party is complete without balloons!

As part of the celebration Snoopy finally opened his gift that had been standing around and taunting us for the last few months.

It came as no suprise to many that for Snoopy's birthday both he and all of us received a brand new, shiny $5 million addition called Planet Snoopy. Though no specific details were announced, and we haven't as of yet been given a final list of new attractions, the park did give us some idea as of what to expect for next season.

Brandon making a quick speech leading up to the arrival of the famous beagle.

Inside the box is the Snoopy that will stand in the new Planet Snoopy.

Camp Snoopy will be receiving six new children's/family attractions. Many of the new rides should offer experiences similar to the Camp Bus and Woodstock's airmail in that parents and children should be able to ride them together. Though it appears that the fun little Rockin' Tug attraction is among the list, there are many rides that are still yet to be officially confirmed. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Personally though the addition of Planet Snoopy has been announced for several other Cedar Fair parks across the chain its great to see the park investing in family attractions. Even though both of us really enjoy Camp Snoopy and will be sorry to see the rustic theme leave, the addition of several new rides catering to the shorter set is certainly welcome.

Brandon holding the New for 2011 Planet Snoopy concept art

Here's a better look (click to see a larger version)

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