Sunday, October 31, 2010

An alternate Worlds of Fun Halloween....

As the Worlds of Fun season winds down, I have to say its been a fun and busy ride these last 6 weeks! I have to apologize as well for not getting a blog update in awhile as I have been focusing on my Anatomy class that I have been taking, it along with WOF and my regular job has been eating up all of my time until late!

For Halloween Jeff and I have been decorating our own house for the last many years. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with Worlds of Fun.

Quite a bit. We use WOF as our primary theme, as you will soon see.

Here we are at what we have named "East 3rd Terror St" (actually E 3rd Terr in real life) that we have turned into a mini-WOF graveyard, full of tomb stones to several of the park's previous defunct attractions.

A side view, you can see our scarecrow also from this direction.

Here is our new addition for 2010 the pumpkin tree. I carved 3 of the 5 foam pumpkins and Jeff wired them to glow red or blue thanks to electric led lights.

Here is a close up on the 2 I am most happy with, the Orient Express and EXT pumpkins. These are #5 and #6 in my series of WOF pumpkin carvings. These are the first done in foam pumpkins though. (both are carved, not painted and lit with either blue or red lights)

The Prowler carving from 2 years ago. I will most likely try to re-create this in foam to make it more permanent.

Stay tuned for an end of season review!

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