Monday, November 8, 2010

New for 2011...

New for 2011! a gravel lot! Yes after your small tykes spend hours at the new Planet Snoopy they can stop by this amazing gravel lot for additional hours of fun!

Ok ok seriously. Worlds of Fun has one or two more tricks up their sleeve to spring on us enthusiasts for the 2011 season. But before we get to that, let's take a look at what's left. This was once the home of the blue and white tent once known as Festhaus, also previously this same spot was home to the Schussboomer roller coaster. With the complete demolition of the site, including the aged blue and white trellis entrance, it also marks the end to the final piece of Schussboomer (that blue and white trellis was the old queue line).

Courtesy of Jeff, are two panarama's of the old Festhaus Area. Be sure to click on the photos for a larger, full size version!

Here is another look at the site looking towards the Scandinavia shops.

What is it? Well its part of the REAL new attraction for 2011 (in addition to Planet Snoopy).

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