Sunday, November 14, 2010

A late breaking development...

Some that have been involved with Worlds of Fun and parks for awhile may remember our attempt at a website called Don't worry this post has pretty much nothing to do with that website (may it rest in peace). However our plan for was to create a for every park in the county. Ambitious... Yes. Completely impossible, Yes. Did we get thousands and thousands of photos from parks across the country. Yes.

That last part is the important part. We quite literally have a huge closet full of nothing but photo binders of parks across the country. Including Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, otherwise known as the park previously known as Six Flags Ohio, previously known as....

wait for it.

Geauga Lake

Yes, we have discovered hidden in a forest of amusement park photos, photos of the Geauga Lake carousel!

Wait a minute I don't hear the excitement?

I guess I shouldn't post the photos of the Geauga Lake carousel, the very carousel that is coming to Worlds of Fun, a carousel that until now has had no photos available anywhere on the internet. Yeah I looked.


Well I guess I will just post them anyway. So here we go.

That sign looks REALLY familiar... This photo is worth a click, the horse that's visible dead center is a gorgeous horse.

A few more horses. If you look closely (you will probably need to click on it) you can see the four seperate rows of horses. Also if you look at the floor of the carousel (those floors look familiar too...) you can see where the jumping poles enter the floor. I have it from a good source that not only is the 1926 Illions fast, in such a way as we are talking lateral g-force fast, but the horses also lean, intentionally. Now seeing the floor I can understand why. Looks like fun!

Such a beautiful sight.

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