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March 23, 2011 Off Season Park Tour

Yesterday, Wednesday we had the chance to go out to the park and shoot some photos of the construction, and happenings at WOF-land. Originally the plan was the go out Tuesday, but weather reports LOOKED so bad.... then what happens? Its beautiful and Wednesday is cloudy and blustery... oh well. So definite progress is being made on the three additions for 2011. Lets get on with the photos.

The new Festaus, what we are looking at is directly down the hill from the walkway into the park. This used to be the Orient Express picnic area, and funny enough it is going back to its original designation. Already it looks about a million times better then it did. If we remember this area used to be filled with weedy trees, bushes and gravel.

A look down the side, this is one pretty amazing retaining wall!

They raised the roof on Wednesday so here we have the structure for the new carousel barn. Those are metal structure poles, not wood, which is good from a maintenance perspective.

Moving on the Planet Snoopy, there is a quite a bit of work going on there! Each existing ride is not only be refurbished (as we have seen on the Hot Air Blog), but each existing ride pad is being replaced as well with new concrete structures. Here we see the Red Baron.

In fact almost the entire section is receiving new concrete, here we are looking up the hill towards Scrambler. To the right is the original Camp Snoopy fountain, which will be retained, minus canoe.

The original Bear Country structure is finally getting some significant exterior remodeling to make it look less "bear country-like"

The new pad for the new Snoopy Bounce structure (same place as before). Unlike the previous incarnation the new Snoopy Bounce will have a walk-around path for parents to watch their kids.

Looking south towards Mamba and Peanuts Playhouse. The structure in the center used to be where Sally's Dance Studio was (I believe the structure itself might be the same), this will be the new station for the 4X4's/Peanuts Road Rally.

The opposite side of the midway, for those that remember this used to be where Woodstock's Airmail was. This will be the new station for Snoopy's Rocket Express. Behind the Rocket Express supports you can see the area that will be home to the Samba Tower/Flying Ace Balloon Race. Also to give an idea of scale of the Samba Tower (which is 40 feet tall), if you go back to the previous photo, the Samba Tower will be approximately 10 feet taller.

Located directly to the left of the Peanuts Playhouse are the finished concrete supports for the Rockin' Tug/Lucy's Tugboat

Look the falling apart fence is being replaced!

The inner guts of Charlie Brown's Windup, with a new concrete pad. Directly behind it will be Sally's Swing Set/Happy Swing

Just outside of Planet Snoopy is the old Blue Bronco/Battle Creek BBQ is receiving some love, right now in the way of new windows...

Some more of Snoopy's Rocket Express.... It does sort of look like roller coaster track just a bit... but supposedly the ride only runs 4MPH or so.

The balloons have arrived! Under all that shrink wrap are a few of the balloon cars for the Samba Tower/Balloon Race.

More photos of the Carousel barn construction

More photos of Planet Snoopy construction

Check back soon for Part II of the March 23 , 2011 Off Season Park Tour

A tour of the Worlds of Fun Greenhouses

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