Sunday, February 14, 2010

Club Blood

Schedule? What Schedule? Exactly.

So to hold everyone over once more for the next 60 days we thought we might keep everyone entertained by some photos of a vampire lair, shot in the middle of the day. On closing day for last season, Jeff got a chance to voyage in to the Lore of the Vampire's new lounge in the Orient Expr... oops Club Blood, found amazingly, in an abandoned Subway Station. Even more amazing, this subway station seems to bear an amazingly resemblance to a roller coaster tunnel.

Okay, okay all sarcasm aside. Truly, we were pretty impressed with the theming in this re-vamped area of Lore of the Vampire (no pun intented).

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So here's a look inside, in the daylight.

Starting the drop into the tunnel, looks like a normal New York City subway station to me!

At the bottom of the steps we begin our walk through the underworld...

I really like the sign on the wall to the right, UBB, United Blood Bank of Kansas City. Nice. Does it seem to be similar to another bank in Kansas City?

I am a fan of the details, so I love this sign too.

Sometimes Graffitti can be cool all by itself. Some talented work here.

Uh oh, we have reached the entrance to Club Blood. Should I be worried?

Not terribly scary, but I like the detail of the archway.

Who knew that a Vampire Nightclub would have an actual bar? I never realized it, but I guess you could really buy drinks here. What's on the menu? Type A, AB and O. Ohhhhhh.

The err... Lounge area. While we went through Vampire characters were doing a little pole dancing. I still don't know how I feel about that...

A reverse look

Not really sure whats supposed to be going on here. It looks like a barber's chair, and that doesn't sound fun when dealing with vampires.

Here is another look, maybe looks like some kind of blood donation room? Yikes I hope the donors are paid well.

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