Monday, February 22, 2010

Worlds of Fun Off Season Photo Tour

Our goal is to get out the park a few times this off season, to see whats happening. So following Snow Storm #538 of the season Jeff headed out today for some photos. Both Jeff and Brandon succeeded in not only getting a few photos... but also partially freezing to death. :)

So without further ado..

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First we have Zulu, carless, left suspended in the air. It looks a little surreal.

Next we move over to The Cat, which is in hibernation as you can see under a blanket of snow.

Anyone ready for a ride? Some assembly required.

The transfer panel, covered with YET more white stuff.

Mamba trying out its White Period.

Can a snake shiver? Brr the look of that just feels cold!

Up close and personal with the transfer track. What no trains? I wanted to go for a ride!

Not responsible for lost or stolen articles right? hmmmm....

Dutchman vs. Autobahn. Who knew Autobahn had so many uses?

A close up on the Dutchman cars

Front Mall is getting some new floors.

Tivoli Theater is getting some work both inside...

and Outside

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Nicholas Tucker said...

Great pictures!

Jeff said...

Thanks, we plan on doing a lot more this year. Maybe once a week update during the season!