Monday, May 16, 2011

It's ALIVE!!

Yes, folks the carousel operated with all horses, on its own power for the first time since 2007. However, before everyone rushes out to the park for a ride... HOLD YOUR HORSES. It will be awhile still before this carousel is ready to take its first batch of riders. It still needs a band organ and electrical controls, queue rails and more.

To be honest I am not sure who that was really directed to myself... or everyone else.

The journey isn't over quite yet, but its been an amazing journey and I thought with the carousel now in full regalia it would be nice to maybe take a look back at where this carousel has been. Its been an amazing transition.

Here is a photo of the same carousel at Geauga Lake...

Same carousel today at Worlds of Fun... (not the same horse though). I haven't even seen this carousel in person and I can already say its one of the most magnificent carousels I have seen. Certainly in the best shape. Jeff (who always gets to do everything before me) says its even more amazing in person.

Before... at the Carousel Works factory.

After... (same horse this time)


After... Everyone say OOOHHHHH... Everyone say AHHHHHHH. PRETTY. Parents remember to clean your kids hands off before boarding. Kids spit your gum out BEFORE getting on board. (not like that's going to happen but I can try)

Before... the horses arrive at the Carousel Works Factory.

After... the same horse again.

The Band organ cover, again at the Carousel Works factory...

After... Amazing transformation. Just Amazing. Congratulations Carousel Works and Cedar Fair.

More Photos can be found on Facebook.

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