Monday, May 2, 2011

The Third Weekend Report 05/01/2011

After a week off, Jeff and I headed back out to Worlds of Fun to check out some of the updates from two weeks ago. There were some good things... and some things that still haven't changed... We all love photos though, so lets take a look. Sunday was a rather chilly day as compared to Saturday, so the park was pretty dead, and while it threatened rain all day, not a single drop fell while we were there.

Whats new in this photo? Well obviously the new festhaus, but also a new fence. Oooohhh bright and shiny! :) (sorry I couldn't help it). Of course this had to change as now the area behind the fence is actually IN the park.

Here is what I was talking about in the opening day review, what a much better view.

A close up, at the carousel pavilion, one part of the "new" ride has shown up. The wooden foundation of the carousel has arrived... and it looks like all 85 years old.

Some support covers for the carousel pavilion. But you know I was thinking... Greek columns on an America carousel, in the Scandinavia section of the park... No wonder the park is so confused about the theme.

The new festhaus... I like how the trim matches Tivoli West.

Close up view... Nice.

I know all the WOF geeks out there will want to see this, atleast I did. We all know the view will be great from the new festaus but here is another ... slightly depressing view.

Okay Brandon I included a picture of your new sign... yes its nice.

Moving over to Planet Snoopy here is a look at the structure for the Rocket Express ride. I will have to say I was surprised at the size. It looks like it might have an elevator since the steps are probably not ADA compliant.

How cute is this! A mini-transfer track!

Looking backwards at the new Snoopy Plaza area.

The track for the new 4X4 ride is taking shape as the electric rail is down...

Lucy's Tugboat aka, Rockin Tug. Lots of fun. Yes, I tried it out. The first ride I have ridden up in this area since the late 80's...

Brandon got his sign, and Matt gets his little shop. Very nice, and I not only like the theme but the affordable merchandise. Obviously others in the park feel the same way. :)

Moving Along... the Forum... or Heart of America Theater, minus stage. It took a minute for me to get used to this view...

So what else is going on at the park... Good... the park is prepared for Snoopy's Hot Summer lights testing out the lights on many weekday nights. So it should look good when the lights come on in June. Good... Timberwolf now has two trains... Bad... Prowler is still running one train. I am actually surprised (NOT in a good way) by this, as really three weeks into the season there is really no excuse.

Good... the park has begun its annual asphalt sealing, so about half of the park walkways appear presentable... On the flip side, atleast to me Planet Snoopy looks really good compared to the REST of the park.

Good... new landscaping is appearing around the park, it sounds like the park got a great deal not only on trees but on planters, I will try to update sometime soon with photos. Also good... we spotted rose bushes planted along the fence-line by the admin building. A location that if I am not mistaken has not had any kind of growth (except for the bad kind), for the last several years. Bad... and oh boy its bad. Where are the flowers at Front Street? It looks hideous! AGH! Also I know landscaping is short staffed, but can we please try to pull some weeds around the Prowler and Patriot areas? It looks really overgrown.

Last Thing, this music thing is really starting to bother me. Modern music in Scandinavia especially. It doesn't have to be the annoying yodelling music (yes some of it was rather annoying I will admit it), but it just feels... weird, you know hearing pop music playing in Scandinavia. What really surprises me is that half of the park (Possibly more) still has themed music... Its like they get it half right. If this bothers you too make sure you let the park know!

I refuse to give up on this. :)

Last thing... and its good news. Brandon has already mentioned this, but the horses will begin arriving on Monday May 9th... I am so excited I can barely stand the wait!

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