Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's HERE!

I have to say... May 9th was one of the most exciting days for me, even though I never stepped within 15 miles of Worlds of Fun, I knew the carousel horses were arriving that day, and it made me happy. Well today was even better. Ok, no I didn't get to go out and see, but I sent Jeff instead to get some photos of the new (old?) carousel arriving and starting assembly at W.O.F.

You know though that makes me think... what will become of the old 1979 Bradley and Kaye in Europa? What I mean is will we call it the OLD carousel or the NEW carousel?


Before we get on to pictures I wanted to share a few things that are not apparent in the photos. And... I have some good news and not so good news. First the good news. Two pieces of it actually. First, the band organ as I have mentioned in previous blogs has been restored and is at this point in time enroute to Worlds of Fun. Second, for those familiar with this carousel at Geauga Lake, it will no longer boast seat belts.

Bad news... Well there had to be a reason for Cedar Fair to remove the seat belts after all. Come to think of it this is probably the FIRST time I have ever heard of Cedar Fair REMOVING a seat belt. For those familiar with this carousel, you know that it was not only quicker then usual but also had an unusual tilt. It added to the thrill. Yes, in many cases carousels can be thrilling. Really.

There is no way to make this any easier so I will just come out and say it... they are slowing it down, and removing the "tilting" aspect of the horses.


So let's look at some photos why don't we.

Approaching the new carrousel (carrousel is the european spelling of carousel). I am unsure if this is the same sign as from geauga lake. It would make sense as both signs say "1918", I guess just another one of those things to throw in the pot of controversy.
(Some say 1918 and some say 1926)

See the Original Sign from Geauga Lake

Another look towards the interior. Here we can also see one of those Greek columns that we saw about a week and a half a go on the ground waiting for assembly.

With basic structural assembly almost complete, the decorative mirrors and aspects surrounding the center pole.

A close up view of the retouched M.C Illions trademark.

A similar view when this carousel was at Geauga Lake...

Another close up of decorative detail.

So what is this you might ask? In actuality I had no idea myself until I asked Jeff (who was there), its actually the platform!

The same platform when it arrived at Worlds of Fun..

So where are the horses? They are taking a break in the new Festhaus next door.

So are the chariots, here is one covered by a moving blanket.

Here is the same chariot cover at the Carousel Works Factory

And some detail of the chariot cover.

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